All that You Need to Know About the Best Dry Shipper

Cryogenic liquids are liquids with exceptionally very low boiling points. To be specific their boiling points are below -150. These liquids are cold to an extent that once their vapors are released they condense the moisture around them creating a fog.

Therefore you should take caution when handling them because there are a lot of health hazards associated with them. Cryogenic liquids include liquid nitrogen, helium, argon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Despite being hazardous this liquids, especially nitrogen are very useful in the manufacture of dry shippers.

In general, dry shippers are containers in shipping biological samples. They are also used in livestock breeding, fertility hospitals, research centers and many other places where extremely low temperatures storage systems are required.


This is a rental business that leases Dry shipper services to companies and individuals. Their dry shippers are mainly biomedicals. Therefore you can use them to transport human or animal bone marrow cells, fertilized eggs, frozen eggs and sperms, DNA samples, urine samples, stem cells, and many other samples.

Apart from transportation, the shippers can also be used for safe storage of the above samples. The company also offers transportation services. It uses its logistics expertise to make sure your frozen samples are safely delivered to you.

Having met the cryogenic transport standards set by the World Health Organization you frozen samples are completely safe. Since CryoSend has been in this business for a while, they are quite experienced in what they do and thus they are very reliable.

Why use CryoSend

labApart from using world class standard dry shippers and meeting the standards of the World Health Organization cryogenic transport system they also ensure;

  • Your product is secure. During transportation, they tag each and every product to make sure there is no accidental mixing of different samples.
  • Your samples ream in frozen states. There shippers being able to maintain stable low temperatures for up to 21 days. The company also makes regular checks to their shippers to make sure they are effective and reliable.
  • Your samples arrive at their destination on time. This is done by monitoring their transportations.
  • Finally, it’s one of the best cryogenic transporting companies in the world.

Services Offered

Some of the services offered by CryoSend include cold chain transportation, dry shipper rental, laboratory transfer services, Cryogenic storage management services and IVF related services.

Cryogenic storage management services.
The company offers both short and long term storage and management services at an affordable price. Having in mind that its located in a place that is rarely affected by natural disasters, it provides a perfect back up storage for your samples.

Laboratory and Sample Transfer Services

The company is also quite effective in moving samples from one laboratory to another. Also if you want to relocate your laboratory CryoSend will ensure an even transportation of both your samples and equipment.

Dry Shipper Rental

As stated earlier the company offers dry shipper rental to both individuals and other companies. Having in mind it’s one of the best cryogenic company in the world, then its dry shipper is the best for storing or transporting your samples.

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