Migraines can be described as recurrent and intensely painful throbbing headache. Most of the times, it affects one part of the head although the effect can also be felt around the head. One can suffer from migraines only once in a while or consistently. They may last for short period of time or longer depending on the individual. Migraines can be divided into two; those with aura and those with no aura.


Migraine 01Among people who suffer from migraines, aura affect one third of them. Auras can affect one for 2030 minutes. The pain can be affect in the forehead too. People suffering from migraines with aura can be subjected to pain on either one or both parts of their head.The world Health Organization announced migraines as one of the leading causes of disability. Many people believe that there is a relationship between migraines and the sun. It is very common for one to encounter an episode of migraines after basking in the sun for too long.

Reasons why chances of getting a migraine increase under the sun

People who are susceptible to migraines have increased occurrences of migraines because they usually are more sensitive to a change in the environment compared to other people. If one was in darker or cooler location and they suddenly expose themselves to too much sunlight, they might get a migraine attack.

People who are more susceptible to migraines are often more sensitive to sunlight. When one is suffering from migraines,their sensitivity to light increases.

When an individual is in the sun, they might lose water from the body via sweating leading to dehydration. This might as trigger for migraines.

Symptoms of migraines.

· Moderate or harsh pain in the head. The pain has throbbing qualityMigraine 03

· Pain around the eye region on the side of the head affected

· Sensitivity to illumination or sound

· Pain that becomes severe with activity

· Vomiting

· Nausea

· Feeling lightheaded

Migraine 02Ways to avoid or reduce occurrence of migraines

For people who suffer from migraines, keeping oneself hydrated can help reduce the pain especially if the migraines cause one to vomit. One should also visit a doctor if the pain persists.If left without being treated, it can last for more than 3 days. Migraines can be made worse by stress therefore daily relaxation routines may help. Reducing consumption of alcohol is also recommended. Since there is an undeniable relationship between occurrence of migraines and the sun, one should avoid exposure to frequent sunlight.

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