How Hypnotherapy Works

Most people who seek the services of the hypnotherapists are people whose system are functioning properly but want to improve or change something in their lives. There are several applications of the process of hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis Glasgow offers the hypnotherapy services to clients in Scotland. Hypnotherapy can be summarized into four steps.


Behavior explanation

The hypnotherapist will expose the subconscious motivators of the behavior of the eyescustomers. They use the pain-pleasure principle to explain the behavior of humans. The principle states that humans seek the things that are pleasurable and avoid the things that are painful. This is especially the case if the activity involves pain.

The hypnotherapist will be able to tell the behavioral change. The principle best states why it is human nature to procrastinate, this is usually due to the perceived fear or pain.

Creating or describing the strategy of change

After coming up with the behavioral explanation, the hypnotherapist will come up with an action plan whereby the customer will be the active participant. The action plan is always to do the prescribed activity differently. This is the definition of Einstein of insanity.

Where procrastination is involved, the new strategy would be to change or alter the perception of the pain. This could be successfully done by limiting the amount of time that a particular client spends in a given activity or introducing breaks in between the activities.

Assisting the client to be receptive and suggestive to the proposed strategy

Hypnosis is a phenomenon that is not understood by many people. There has been many misconceptions and misinformation about this concept. There have been numerous critiques, films, and videos about the subject that have distorted the understanding of the idea to the general public.

One of the things that a hypnotherapist will do is to guide the client into the state of mind by proposing that the customer undergoes numerous body changes. Some of these body changes might be deeper breathing and fluttering of the closed eyelid. Once the client experiences the body changes, the professional will help him relax the muscles of their bodies.


VisualizationVisualization is one of the techniques that is used to help the customers be receptive and suggestive to the proposed strategy. The hypnotherapist may help the patient to visualize the effect of the given change while making him feel relaxed.

He may do this by studying the smile or grin in the face of the patient. With time, the patient may either laugh or have a little smile on their face. This type of suggestion is referred to as inference.…