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What To Check When Choosing Skateboard Wheels

Skateboarding is a fun sport for leisure, for competition or using it to commute from one point to another. One of the most important components of ant skateboard is the Skateboard wheels. They determine the movement experience or even the movement capability. Therefore, as a skater, the most important aspect of consideration when acquiring a new skateboard or repairing your old one is the wheels. So, this article highlights the factors to dwell on when it comes to skateboard wheel matters.

Factors to consider when choosing skateboard wheels

The Shape

Most people consider this factor as the least skateboardimportant but indeed its one of the most important factor. Different shapes have different purposes on a skateboard. Free rides boards have round edges that give them the ability to maneuver the corner while at high speeds during your everyday riding.

On the other hand, other boards used in the streets have more conical wheels which are light to maneuver through the hassles of the pavements.

The diameter

A shorter board mostly used for tricks will come with small diameter wheels for proportionality and ease of control. On the other hand, longboards used for downhill rolling will come with a relatively larger diameter to hold the highs speed down the hill. It is important to relate your height with the diameter where a short rider will need a smaller diameter, and a tall person needs to go for a slightly big diameter. Most important remember the diameter determines the speed of the board.

The Durometer

The material of the wheels and the grade of compression during manufacturing will determine the hardness of the wheels. Apart from durability one may wonder the other reasons for factoring in this aspect. It is important to understand that soft wheels are the best when the emphasis is on the grip while hard wheels are the best for extreme speeds. Therefore understanding the purpose of your board will help choose the best durometer.

The color

boardDoes it really matter? Whether blue or yellow, isn’t any color ok? Skateboarding is not a hobby for just anyone, and passionate Skateboarders will agree that color matters.

Perhaps you are in a certain team with a theme color, or you just love a particular color, then you have to maintain. Generally to say, however, color does not have a direct effect on functionality to the skateboard but a worth factor to consider.


To some people, factors like cost do not matter as long as they get what they like. But, if cost is a concern to you, then consider it. Choose the wheels that are convenient and most affordable.…