Your preferred sleeping pose may be giving you neck pain and back pain problems, tummy troubles, and premature wrinkles. Here are the best sleeping positions for health.

1. The back positionSleeping

This position is best when preventing back and neck pain and when reducing acid reflux. It also assists you in minimizing wrinkles and maintaining perky breasts. However, the position is not suitable for people who snore quite often.

The Scoop

This sleeping position requires you to sleep on your back. It makes it easier for your head, spine and neck to maintain a neutral posture. By sleeping in this position, you will not force any extra curves onto your back. The position is also ideal when fighting acid reflux. By elevating your head, your stomach will remain below the esophagus and food or acids will not come back.

Sleeping 02Back-sleeping also helps in wrinkles prevention as nothing will be pushing against your face. And you will have fully supported the weight of your breasts, therefore, reducing sagginess. When sleeping on the back, snoring will be frequent and also severe. Therefore, you should look for a perfect pillow preferably a puffy one. It will keep your neck and head perfectly supported and without propping the head up much.

2. Side position

This sleeping position is ideal in neck and back pain reduction. It is also suitable for people desiring to reduce acid reflux and snoring problems. Pregnant women also find this position beneficial. Furthermore, it is beneficial for your skin and breasts.

The Scoop

The sleeping posture is great for your overall health since it reduces snoring problems and maintains your spine elongated. If you have acid reflux issues, this should be your sleeping position. However, the sleeping position has some problems. It may cause wrinkles and also contributes to breast sagging since your girls will remain dangling downward hence stretching ligaments. When pregnant sleep on your left side: it will facilitate blood flow. Use a thick pillow and fill the space above the shoulder so that your neck and head will remain supported in neutral position.

3. Fetal position

This position requires you to sleep in a fetal pose. It is ideal during pregnancy and helps you Sleeping 03reduce snoring problems. It also assists you in preventing back and neck pain, reducing wrinkles and maintaining perky breasts.

To benefit from the position, just straighten up a little bit and avoid tucking your body in an extreme curl. Use a plump pillow just like in the side position. It will provide you with enough head support.

4. Stomach position

This position is best in easing snoring, minimizing wrinkles and reducing neck and back pain. It also helps maintain perky breasts. However, the position makes it hard to maintain a neutral position with the spine. The pose can also put pressure on your muscles and joints that may irritate your muscles and joints leading to numbness, tingling and pain. To benefit from the sleeping position, use a single pillow or none.

With the information, you can now choose the best sleeping position for health. Different people choose different positions depending on their needs.