There are many important things about Ozone generator air purifier in the UK. Before getting into details about ozone generators, it is important to note that there are various types of these generators. Depending on their application; they can be grouped into industrial and residential ozone generators. You should understand the things to look for on these devices and how they relate to different applications for ozone and how they are impacting on the cost.

The key factors to look for include output, concentration, gas feed, and generator cooling.


ozone generator 24This can be defined as the amount of ozone your machine produces. Usually, it is measured in pounds per day or grams per hour. It is a very useful factor when choosing an ozone generator whether for residential or industrial use. The amount of zone you need is dependent on application requirements.

For instance, if you are using it to remove organic contaminants from water, you need to look at ozone amount generated, the efficiency of the device, and the amount of organic matter to be removed. The other thing to look for is ozone transfer efficiency. Therefore, the output influences the size of ozone generator to buy.

Ozone concentration

This affects both the amount of ozone and effectiveness of ozone, which is produced from a particular ozone generator. You should note that very high concentrations cost a lot more. However, they do a lot in given applications. For instance, you can use it for corona discharge systems and gas treatment applications. Therefore, you need to compare different machines and manufacturers. To compare these machines, you should know the amount of ozone generated at a given concentration.

Gas feed

These machines run on different oxygen sources like dry air, purchased oxygen or concentrated oxygen as the feed gas. Traditional versions used air as the feed gas. You should note that it is only oxygen that can be changed to ozone. Therefore, using air as ozone gas rendered these machines inefficient. Moreover, air needs to be very dry because the moisture drastically reduces the ozone output and damages the device.

ozone generator 24


These devices create heat during ozone production process. Therefore, the machine should be kept cool. Otherwise, high temperatures can convert ozone back to oxygen.

Before buying an ozone generator, you need to define the application you are going to use it for. This will help you to determine the size of the machine to buy.