Pillows are useful accessories for beds as they enhance the quality of sleep. They are made of different materials like memory foam, latex and feathers just to mention but a few. In most cases, the pillows are categorized by the types of people who use them due to the health benefits they add to their sleep. Below is a highlight of different types of pillows you should know.

Types of pillows and the health benefits they have

Stomach sleepers pillow

pillowsAs much as the doctors do not recommend this sleeping habit, most people still use it. Sleeping on the stomach means that your breathing system is closer to the pillow and the mattress. These pillows must be made of thin material that conforms to the body shape to avoid neck and back pains. They also ought to be made of non-allergenic material. You can visit reputable review websites on the Internet if you are want to buy these pillows. They make it easy to choose a pillow that’s perfect for stomach sleepers.

Pregnancy pillows

As much as they are not often used in people’s lives, pregnancy pillows are the most carefully crafted as their work is to offer support and comfort to the delicate expectant mothers. Since their immunity is low, the pillows they use must be clinically tested to be non-allergenic, dust and mold resistant. One of the major characteristics of these pillows is that they are huge, taking the C and J shapes to support the full body of these ladies. They are also firm and versatile to accommodate various types of sleeper and body weights.

Side sleepers pillows

woman sleepingThese types of pillow are relatively large and firm, unlike the stomach sleepers pillows. When one is sleeping on the side, the distance from the mattress to the head is bigger, thus, the need to support it fully. For those who are not sure of the right size, buying pillows with adjustable filling materials is a good idea. They too must be resistant dust, mold and made of materials that do not cause allergy.

Back sleepers pillows

Last but not least are the back sleeps. The pillows which can be adjusted to the most comfortable size must be used here for their comfort. Sick people use the back sleeper pillows which must not cause any neck pain to them. The material that makes them can either be feathers, memory foam, latex or any others as research would show.